2017 Harvest

Friday, April 20, 2012

Finally 2 days without the rain so I can get in the garden without sliding down on my butt :)
It looks pretty nice for now.
Peas are out and it seems bugs didn't eat much :)

On higher net we have planted Rondo peas and on the smaller one Progress. This is the first year that we plant Progress and the truth is we don't really know how tall it will grow so we made a smaller net (just in case it decides to grow really tall)

We also have "American wonder" peas (2 rows)

Onions are growing nicely too

Lettuce is still covered and hopefully it will grow nice and strong

Front yard is also waking up :)

First tulip finally bloomed...

Lilac went crazy :)

Strawberry barrel has her first flowers...and something already ate few of its leaves

Another thing that is waking up are trees (and allergies)

There are cotton thingies flying EVERYWHERE... annoying little cottons covered whole yard, got in the house, they even get in the hair and clothes when somebody is outside, and not only me but even my dog is sneezing because of them.

I just hate those little evil cotton devils :(

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